Imagine a blind kit in the forest. The kit is helpless, you watch as the kit learns to hunt, fight, and defend herself. Years later the kit is a clan leader of DragonClan. You enter a great cave and see her. She says her name is Foxheart, and she is blind. She also says you may join the clan. You say yes, Foxheart shows you around the territory and you meet the other clan members. One month later a small white kit comes into the cave. You bring him to Foxheart. She takes the kit and says it's a sign from Starclan. You ask how, and she says something BIG is coming. Later you meet Fawntail, a cat with malachite eyes and a dark alabaster pelt. She teaches the lost kit to fight and defend himself. You are impressed with Fawntail's skills, she helps with you on your skills. Fawntail is Foxheart's friend. Then a clan meeting is called...
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